Daddy John fingering Sherlock with his leather gloves on, telling Sherlock what a good boy he is as Sherlock moans and pushes back into his daddy’s thick fingers 💕💕🌷🌷


Sherlock in John’s lap, riding him slowly and trembling as he lets out little gasps every time John’s cock brushes against his prostate. John cradling Sherlock in his arms, rubbing soothing circles on his back and telling him how he’s so gorgeous, my beautiful boy, you’re amazing, god I love you baby- and Sherlock letting out a string of little ‘oh’s, burying his face in John’s chest, and coming apart with a sob (ノ◡‿◡)ノ*:・゚✧

Anonymous sent: (1) to make up for the sad dancing sherlock head canon

(2) After they’re together, they dance in the living room, holding each other close like they couldn’t the first time. Sherlock hums along with the music, and John rests his head on Sherlock’s chest, and the blinds are wide open. When Mrs. Hudson comes in, Sherlock is too wrapped up in their own perfect little world to even bother saying, “can’t you see I’m dancing with John right now?”

THANK YOU, this is much more acceptable

besinaao3 replied to your post: anonymous said:Tentacle!lock atta…

Tentacle!lock finding he can’t fly but now wanting to wear strap on fairy wings all the time. The kind kids use for dress-up.

so beautiful and majestic

Anonymous sent: wt kept trying to vote for bonnie tyler at last year's eurovision, while sherlock impatiently tries to explain that it doesn't work that way and their vote won't count. wt kept dialling in votes for the uk over and over anyway, while sherlock does a long suffering sigh and just ignores it.

wimpy tentacle can’t be tamed and really loves bonnie tyler

(ALSO I DON’T KNOW HOW EUROVISION VOTING WORKS THOUGH, like can you not vote for your own country or…? i need a tutorial)

Anonymous sent: So sherlock and lestrade was sharing their military kink at 221B and suddenly john came back home so both of them turned around to face john but what they saw was sholto and john with uniform, and saying "it was nice to wear this uniform again"

sherlock and lestrade both cannot resist the uniform

Anonymous sent: Sherlock's tentacles pick up newspaper ink (like Silly Putty) which makes him especially messy when he tacks clippings to the wall or adds them to his files

john gets annoyed because he has to scrub tentacle smudges off the walls

and sometimes off of himself if wt gropes him after sherlock has spent the day working

Anonymous sent: Is sholto a bug spoon and Lestrade little spoon or vice versa???


if big spoons always pair with little spoons (which is up for debate, as there is a zealous switch!spooner contingent out there), and we have previously determined that sherlock is a little spoon and john is a big spoon

then sholto would be a little spoon and lestrade would be a big spoon

Anonymous sent: Tentacle!lock attaching wings to his tentacles so he can learn to fly

why do i feel like this experiment would end badly

Anonymous sent: The first time Sherlock shot up after the wedding, he tried not to think about teaching John to dance; he didn't want to sully that memory with cocaine. After he injects, he can't think about anything else. Mrs. Hudson finds him in the living room dancing by himself. When she tries to sit him down, he shoos her off and tells her, "can't you see I'm dancing with John right now?"